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We send you customer requests. You choose who to contact.

Flocale helps you find new customers and grow your business. The process is simple. Customers tell us about their needs and we send you the details of their requests. If it looks like a fit, you respond with a personalized quote and work out details with the customer.

It's that easy. Get your business noticed.

  • Reach new customers right in your inbox
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  • Establish trust with customer reviews
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How It Works

Flocale helps you find new customers and grow your business.

1. We send you customer requests

Customers come to Flocale looking to hire service providers for their needs. They provide information about their specific needs such as their availability and other project details.

2. You decide who to respond to

Local service providers like you receive details new customer requests for free. If you are interested and qualified, you can respond by sending a quote.

3. Send a quote

Your quote includes a personal message and a price estimate. Your Flocale profile containing past work, contact information, and reviews is also shared to the customer.

4. Get hired

Typically 1–2 other service providers will also respond. The customer compares quotes and decides who to contact. Once hired, you and the customer work out the details through Flocale, over the phone, or in person.